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Gopher Tortoise Education

Request FWC for an Educational Event

Three FWC employees outside at an event wearing paper hats shaped like gopher tortoises

We love to be part of outreach events where we can bring tortoise-related activities and educational content. We have a treasure chest containing gopher tortoise artifacts such as tortoise shells, egg shells, snake skins, tortoise scat and other items. We also have our very own burrow, a life-size replica of an actual gopher tortoise burrow that you can crawl in.

If you are interested having FWC come to an event or give a presentation, please send an email to or call (850) 921-1030.

Educational Resources

Three fisted hands in a circle with Florida Gopher Tortoise Day temporary tattoos on them

FWC creates a variety of educational reading materials on gopher tortoises. Brochures, fact sheets, information packets, activity books and more from FWC and our partners can be downloaded from our Education Resources Page.