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Northern Yellow Bat (Lasiurus intermedius)

Northern Yellow Bat

The Northern Yellow Bat has has an average body length of 14 cm, weight of 14-31 g, and wing span of 35–41 cm. Its body fur ranges in color from yellow orange to gray-brown, and is dark tipped. Wing membranes are generally darker than the body, and forearms are light. Unlike Red Bats and Hoary Bats,, only the front half of the tail membrane is furred, and this species also lacks white markings on the shoulders and wrists.  This species lives primarily in coastal habitats that contain Spanish moss or palm trees.

Roosting Preference: Roosts colonially, usually in a fan palm tree or a live oak draped in Spanish moss.

Diet:  Insectivorous - they feed on leafhoppers, flies, mosquitoes, beetles, flying ants, and occasionally on damselflies and dragonflies.