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Gray Bat Credit Gary Peeples

Gray bats weight between 8 and 10 grams and have uniform gray-colored fur covering the back and belly. The gray bat is a federally endangered bat that is a cave specialist, roosting only in cave systems. The grey bat has a very restricted range in Florida, only occurring in a single county in the northwest panhandle, and populations appear to be declining. Gray bats mate at the mouth of caves in the fall and enter caves shortly after to hibernate throughout the winter. Females delay fertilization until spring, like many other bats in the genus Myotis. Female gray bats give birth to 1 pup per year, generally in late May. In Florida, gray bat maternity colonies are known to occur alongside maternity colonies of Southeastern myotis.

Roost Preference: Roost colonially – Only roosts in caves

Diet: Insectivorous – Feed on small insects such as moths, midges, mosquitoes, and small beetles.