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Florida Bonneted Bat

Florida’s largest bat and thought to be the rarest bat in the world, the Florida bonneted bat weighs between 34 and 47 grams. The Florida bonneted bat can be distinguished from other bats by its large size, tail that extends past the uropatagium (tail membrane), and ears that join at the base. Female Florida bonneted bats will give birth to at least 1 pup per year, but evidence suggests that they may give birth multiple times each year. The Florida bonneted bat was recognized as a distinct species in 2004, and listed as “Endangered” under the USFWS Endangered Species Act in 2013.

Roost Preference: Roosts colonially – Roost sites are poorly understood, but have included buildings and other man-made structures, and tree cavities

Diet: Insectivorous – Diet is poorly understood, but fecal samples have included beetles, flies, and true bugs.