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Wildlife Lighting Criteria

In order to meet the criteria for Wildlife Lighting, a fixture, lamp, or community lighting must be able to satisfy all three of the conditions below. Keep it:


Fixtures must be able to be mounted as low as possible and still be appropriate for the needed purpose.

Fixtures must be able to accept lamps that produce only the lumens necessary for the needed purpose.

Bulb must produce the lowest lumens necessary for the needed purpose.


Fixture must meet or exceed full cut-off.

Fixture must be able to shield bulb, lamp, or glowing lens from the beach, wildlife corridor, or protected natural area when mounted appropriately.

Bulb must be able to be used in an approved fixture.


Fixture must accept long wavelength bulbs.

Lamp/Bulb must produce only long wavelength light (560 nm or longer and absent wavelengths below 560 nm) without the use of filters, gels, or lenses.

The mounting: Is it mounted as low as possible?

The bulb: Is it long wavelength? Is the wattage as low as possible?

Please refer to the FWC's Sea Turtle Lighting Guidelines to determine the additional requirements for the appropriate lamp and / or fixture to be submitted.