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NOTE: Litters reported here do not represent all kittens born each year.  They represent kittens the FWC has documented that were born to adult female panthers wearing radio collars.



# Date Discovered Panther ID Age Sex Cause of Death County Location
5 02/01/2024 UCFP453 2.5 M Train Glades Railroad trestle over Fisheating Creek
4 01/22/2024 FP255 10 M Vehicle Lee CR 850, 0.6 mi south of SR 82
3 01/17/2024 UCFP452 2-3 F Vehicle Hendry CR 833, south of Hill Grade Rd.
2 01/11/2024 UCFP451 3-5 M Vehicle Hendry County CR 832, east of Wild Cow Grade
1 01/09/2024 UCFP450 1.5 M Vehicle Hendry County SR 29, north of CR78


# Date County Location Confirmed Predator Animals Depredated
1 02/16/2024 Collier Golden Gate Estates, 4th Ave SE Panther Goat (1)