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Protect the Panther License Plate

Florida residents can support panther conservation efforts such as rescues, releases and research by purchasing a "Protect the Panther" license plate. Fees from license plate sales are the primary funding source for the FWC’s research and management of Florida panthers.

Where Does My Fee Go?

2023 Panther Plate

The fee collected during your purchase of your panther license plate goes directly into the Florida Panther Research and Management Trust Fund (Trust Fund). The Trust Fund is a key source of funding for the State's panther-related research, rescue and conservation activities. Through the long-term public support of the Trust Fund, critical information gained from the FWC’s monitoring and research efforts continues to provide conservation managers and the public with timely, science-based information needed to guide current and future conservation actions.

To learn more about the Trust Fund and view annual reports dating back the last five years, please visit our Reports, Plans and Suggested Reading page.

What Does My Fee Support?

Panther Release

The FWC’s guiding conservation goal for the Florida panther is to manage this significant wildlife resource for its long-term well-being and the benefit of people.  In order to accomplish this goal, the species must recover from an endangered status and be effectively protected so that panthers can endure future conditions that may affect their population including habitat loss, collisions with vehicles, inbreeding and disease threats.  Through effective research, the FWC and conservation partners monitor several population-related factors that provide important insights regarding the ability of panthers to cope with current threats and future changes.  

We encourage you to explore these panther pages to see the breadth of information FWC has collected during our decades of conservation work on Florida’s State Animal.  The Trust Fund has paid almost entirely for all aspects of our panther work over the past 3 decades.  FWC’s panther program relies upon these license plate purchases to continue these conservation efforts. 

How Do I Purchase a Plate?

There are two ways to purchase a panther plate.

  1. Become a first-time panther tag owner or replace your current plate with the new plate by visiting your local Tax Collector office to purchase or renew in person.
  2. Renew your existing “Protect the Panther” registration online through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

How Else Can I Donate to Panther Conservation Efforts?

Want to support Florida panther conservation but are unable to purchase a license plate? Consider a donation to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida. Your gift to The Florida Panther Fund supports the rehabilitation and release of injured panthers and helps FWC and others locate and protect panthers and their dens and kittens.

Donate to The Florida Panther Fund