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New decals are designed and created each year in preparation for the manatee Voluntary Contribution Campaign. As these decals help to raise money for manatee recovery around the State of Florida, your contribution to this cause is appreciated.

The official manatee Voluntary Contribution Campaign began during the June boat registration period in fiscal year 1992-93. To provide direction, a Florida Statute was created to define the decal process. It states that a registrant who provides a voluntary contribution of $5.00 or more shall be given a sticker or emblem by the tax collector to display, which signifies support for the Save the Manatee Trust Fund. Prior to this time, donations were received under the Manatee Donation Campaign and no decals were issued to show the donor's support. This decal process is still in effect today.

Current year manatee decals are available at Florida County Tax Offices. These decals are given to individuals who donate $5.00 or more at the time of vessel or vehicle registration.  The donations from the manatee decals support manatee research, rehabilitation and educational programs.

FWC has a limited supply of some of the earlier decals. We would like to offer them to individuals who are interested in collecting them. Please indicate the decals you would like to obtain by checking the appropriate area on the order form and sending a check for the number of decals selected.  The decals will be sent to you within 4-6 weeks.

2022-2023 Decal: "Manatees in Motion"


This year’s decal is an awareness reminder that manatees travel throughout Florida’s waterways and move between freshwater rivers and springs, brackish waters, and coastal salt waters. Manatees even use canals and lock systems to enter lakes or may be found in other inland waterways when storm surges provide access from nearby waterbodies.

When boating in Florida, you may share the waterways with manatees. The up and down motion of a manatee’s tail creates a round plume on the water’s surface when the manatee swims, which looks like a series of circles known as ‘manatee footprints.’ If you see a manatee footprint or other signs of a manatee in the water (snout, back or tail), slow your vessel or shut off your engine until you locate the manatee(s) and are far enough away to safely move forward again.

When looking out for manatees:

Wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and see below the water's surface.

Get someone to assist you as a proper lookout to
help you avoid manatees while boating

Your support benefits Florida’s manatee conservation efforts. Thank you.

Decal artist: Mike Hunter, FWC.