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  • Initial outcomes of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) relocation at a long-term recipient site in southern Florida-Archbold Expeditions, Inc.
  • Genetic assessment on insular and mainland Gulf Coast gopher tortoise populations: implications for conservation and management-Eckerd College
  • Using survey data to estimate natural gopher tortoise densities by landcover type in Florida-Jones Center at Ichuaway
  • Effects of origin location on translocated gopher tortoise overwintering behavior, probability of reproduction, and adult survival-Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation
  • Gopher Tortoise Disease Study in the Red Hills of Florida-Tall Timbers Research, Inc.
  • Mitigation-Driven Redistribution of Gopher Tortoise Populations Throughout Florida-Wildlands Conservation, Inc.
  • Gopher Tortoise Disease Study in the Red Hills of Florida-Part 2-Tall Timbers Research, Inc.
  • Filling Permitting Gaps Through GIS Assistance for Local Governance-Wildlands Conservation, Inc.
  • Gopher Tortoise Heavy Metal and Disease Detection-Swampgirl Adventures
FWC researcher in the field measuring the carapace length of tortoise with calipers.