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Bluefin Tuna

Thunnus thynnus


Illustration of a bluefin tuna showing important characteristics
  • Back is dark blue-black, fading to a silvery-white belly
  • Second dorsal and anal fins not elongated
  • Short pectoral fin does not reach area between first and second dorsal fins
  • First dorsal fin is yellow or blue and the second dorsal fin is reddish-brown
  • Anal fin and all finlets bright yellow with black edges
  • Lack distinct body streaks, stripes and spots

Similar Species: Blackfin tuna, T. atlanticus (has long pectoral fins and reaches much smaller size) 

Size: Common to 78 inches; largest tuna species 


Offshore waters


Feed on fishes, squid and occasionally crustaceans

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Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles