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Swordspine Snook

Centropomus ensiferus


Illustration of a swordspine snook showing important characteristics
  • Anal fin extends past the base of the caudal fin
  • Largest scales of all snook
  • Color yellow-green to brown-green on back with a silver belly
  • Smallest of the snooks
  • Profile slightly concave
  • Prominent lateral line extends onto tail

Similar Species: Other snook species

Size: Common to 10 inches, but may reach 15 inches 


Occurs in inshore estuarine habitats.


Mangrove shorelines serve as nursery areas for young.

Rare on Florida’s west coast.

Prefers only slightly brackish or freshwater.

Additional Information

State Record: This species is not currently eligible for a state record.

Recreational Regulations


Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles