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Tiger Shark

Galeocerdo cuvier


Illustration of a tiger shark showing important characteristics
  • Snout bluntly rounded, much shorter than mouth width
  • Serrated teeth with deep notch on outer margins
  • Spiracles present, small
  • Adults have tiger-like vertical bars that fade with age
  • Juveniles have bluish or green-gray to black backs with dark blotches
  • Low interdorsal ridge present

Similar Species: Teeth, short snout and markings distinguish this species from all other Carcharhinids 

Size: Up to 15.5 feet 


Coastal and offshore waters


Voracious feeders that will eat just about anything; second only to the great white shark in the number of attacks on humans worldwide

Additional Information

Recreational Regulations

Prohibited from harvest in Florida state waters. 


Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles