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Smooth Dogfish

Mustelus canis


Illustration of a smooth dogfish shark showing important characteristics

Also known as dusky smooth-hound.

  • Grayish-brown color on top, fading to lighter below
  • Small, slender shark with two spineless dorsal fins, the second slightly smaller than the first
  • Spiracles present
  • Caudal fin lower lobe rounded and much shorter than upper lobe
  • Upper lobe of caudal fin with deep notch at end
  • Interdorsal ridge present

Similar Species: Spiny dogfish, S. acanthias (lacks anal fin and has one spine in front of each dorsal fin)  

Size: Up to 5 feet 


Found inshore in bays, nearshore and offshore near reefs and banks


Feed on the bottom, scavenging and preying upon large crustaceans

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Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles