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Caribbean Reef Shark

Carcharhinus perezii


Illustration of a Caribbean reef shark showing important characteristics
  • Back dark gray to gray-brown, fading to a white belly
  • Snout short and bluntly rounded
  • First dorsal fin starts over pectoral fin free tip
  • Fins dusky-colored, with very short free tip on second dorsal fin
  • Interdorsal ridge present

Similar Species: Dusky shark, C. obscurus (longer free tip on second dorsal fin); bull shark, C. leucas (no interdorsal ridge); and sandbar shark, C. plumbeus (first dorsal fin starts in front of pectoral fin insertion) 

Size: Up to 8 feet 


Found near coral reefs in the Caribbean and off South America; rarely found north of the Florida Keys


Feed mainly on a variety of fishes

Additional Information

Recreational Regulations

Prohibited from harvest in Florida state waters. 


Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles