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Acanthocybium solanderi


Illustration of a wahoo showing important characteristics
  • Slender body with a dark bluish-green back, silvery sides and a whitish belly 24 to 30 wavy, dark blue bars on sides
  • Jaws elongated, forming a pointed beak with triangular finely-serrated teeth
  • First dorsal fin is low and long

Similar Species: King mackerel, S. cavalla (lateral line drops sharply) 

Size: Up to 98 inches 


Offshore waters; generally not in schools.


Known for their tremendous runs and shifts of direction. Feeds on fishes and squid.

Additional Information

State Record: 139 lb, caught near Marathon

Fishing Tips and Facts: Wahoo are caught by trolling bait and artificial lures on flatlines.

Recreational Regulations


Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles