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  • Color blue or greenish-blue on back, sides silvery
  • Mouth large with prominent teeth
  • Dorsal and anal fins nearly the same size
  • Black blotch at base of pectoral fins
  • Scales small; lateral line almost straight

Similar Species: No close resemblance, but frequently called angelfish by mistake

Size: Most Gulf coast catches under 3 pounds; much larger on Atlantic coast, up to 27 pounds



Young usually found inshore during spring and summer, moving offshore to join adults in fall and winter; strong migration of northeast Atlantic stock to Florida east coast in winter


Travels in large schools of similar-sized fish, following schools of baitfish; sometimes cannibalistic; spawning occurs offshore in spring and summer

Additional Information

State Record: 22 lb 2 oz, caught near Jensen Beach

Fishing Tips and Facts: Bluefish may be caught from boat or shore. Chumming is a helpful, and a wire leader is a must to prevent fish from biting through the line. Anglers use a variety of plugs, sand eel type jigs, and squid- or mackerel-like lures. Pogies, mackerel or eels are good live baits and cut bait works too. Average size is 3-5 pounds. These fish are a bit oily for some people, so gut them and clean them as soon as you legally can.

Recreational regulations 



Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles