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White Marlin

Tetrapterus albidus


Illustration of a white marlin
  • Body dark blue to brown, fading to a silvery-white belly
  • Dorsal fin dark blue with noticeable black spots
  • Tips of first dorsal, pectoral and first anal fins are rounded
  • Upper jaw elongated into a spear shape
  • Scales imbedded with a single sharp point
  • Lateral line curves over the pectoral fin

Similar Species: Blue marlin, M. nigricans (dorsal fin pointed and lacks spots; tips of pectoral and anal fins pointed); and longbill spearfish, T. pfluegeri (dorsal fin raised in front, then dips slightly, but remains somewhat high)

Size: Up to 9.5 feet (180 pounds)


Offshore waters


Uses its bill to stun fast-moving fishes, then turns to consume them; spawning procedures unknown; ranges throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean; feeds on squid and pelagic fishes


Additional Information

State Record: 161 lb, caught near Miami Beach

Recreational Regulations


Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles