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Black Acara


Small, stout, convex-headed, bream-looking body-shape with two black blotches on side, the larger blotch at mid-body and a smaller one near base of tail; color variable with gray-blue-silver-brown base, sometimes with light blue-green sheen.


Most common in shallow, stagnant, roadside ditches or similarly disturbed habitats that normally contain few other fishes; infrequent in larger canals and lakes; early success of this fish in Florida led to an erroneous conclusion that it would have significant negative effects on native fishes.


Spawning Habitats: Both parents guard the young; nearly all sexually mature by four inches; spawns throughout the year laying an average of about 1,000 eggs.

Feeding Habits: Fish remains were found in nearly half the stomachs examined, along with aquatic insects, plant material, snails, and detritus.

Age and Growth:

Maximum size about eight inches and weight about four ounces.

Sporting Quality:

Sometimes provides a good kid's fishery when found in small pond without many predators; no bag or size limits.


Too small to be of much value.

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Image Credit: © Diane Peebles