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Q:What is the process for developing aquatic habitat restoration and enhancement projects?

A: Staff working within the Aquatic Habitat Conservation and Restoration (ACHR) Section collaborate with multiple partners -- federal, state and local governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and community groups -- to identify, develop and implement aquatic habitat restoration and enhancement projects. The partners work together to: 1) determine what type of restoration can be completed; 2) develop engineering designs; 3) prepare appropriate permits; 4) provide funds for the project; 5) secure contractors to perform the restoration work; and 6) monitor the environmental conditions of the restored system.


Q: How are aquatic habitat restoration and enhancement projects funded?

A: AHCR receives funding from the state Legislature each year. These funds are often used as match with partners who bring additional funding and resources to implement these projects.


Q: Who is in charge of the project?

A: FWC regional aquatic habitat biologists supervise the restoration and enhancement activities and ensure monitoring of projects based on identified criteria for success.


Q: Can FWC aquatic habitat biologists help me with restoring aquatic habitats on my property?

A: FWC aquatic habitat biologists can offer technical assistance to private property owners but cannot provide funding for projects on private land. State-funded projects are conducted on publicly held or publicly accessible lands and waterways.