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Florida Black Bear

The Florida black bear, Ursus americanus floridanus, is a subspecies of the American black bear. Listed by the state as threatened from 1974 to 2012, the subspecies currently lives in seven separated subpopulations throughout Florida, as well as in southern Alabama and southern Georgia.

Species Profile
Learn more about Florida black bear biology, behavior and habitat needs.

Black Bear Research
Read summaries from the Florida black bear abundance study.

Report Florida Black Bear Sightings
Black bears naturally occur in Florida. Help FWC improve our knowledge of black bear distribution in Florida and revise FWC's range map.

View Submitted Black Bear Sightings
This map displays the user-submitted locations of black bear sightings, some with photos, entered through the Florida Black Bear Registry.

Selected Research Publications
This selection features publications by FWRI black bear research staff.

The FWC's black bear management goal is to maintain sustainable populations in suitable habitats throughout Florida for the benefit of the species and people. Learn more.

Living with Florida Black Bears
The presence of bears is not necessarily a problem or a threat to your safety. But it is important to remember that bears are wild animals and deserve respect.