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Terrestrial Invertebrate Inventory of the Northern Peninsula

gopher tortoise burrow robber fly by Jonathan Mays

Gopher Tortoise Burrow Robber Fly

Despite comprising 61% of Florida’s ‘Species of Greatest Conservation Need’ (SGCN), relatively little work has been done to assess imperiled invertebrate populations throughout the state. This ongoing project aims to address critical data gaps for target invertebrate species in a variety of north Florida ecosystems. Using a combination of visual surveys and passive capture methodologies, these efforts will provide essential information regarding species’ geographic ranges, habitat associations, and population dynamics – all of which contributes to informed conservation management. Initially, this project will focus on Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and Wildlife & Environmental Areas (WEA) managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). In the future, this project will be expanded to include additional properties throughout the state.

This project started Spring 2023. Stay tuned to learn what we find!