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The Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry (FACT) Array is a partnership of over two dozen marine research organizations using passive acoustic telemetry to reveal the behavior of fishes and sea turtles in US South Atlantic, Bahamas, and Caribbean Sea. Our members collectively maintain >850 submerged acoustic receivers that detect movements of animals tagged with acoustic transmitters. To date, the FACT Network researchers have tagged and released > 3,000 individuals from 60 different species. Information from these animals provides unique insights into a species’ habitat preferences, migration patterns, stock mixing, and survival. In addition to advancing our basic knowledge of these species, these results help guide management strategies for species of economic value to our region or those requiring special conservation attention. 

FACT Summary

FACT 2007-2015
The FACT Network holds biannual meetings to provide a platform for member project updates as well as group discussion for the future of the FACT Network.

FACT 2016
FACT members meet twice a year, most recently on December 15-16 2016 in Tequesta, Florida.