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Strength, stamina, and fighting ability, make the tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) one of Florida's premier game fish.

General Information about Tarpon
Learn a small part of the rich history of the tarpon fishery along with present management efforts, tarpon life history and internal anatomy, catch records and more.

Tarpon Catch-and-Release
The adrenaline-rushing excitement of catching a tarpon is arguably unrivaled in the sport-fishing world. What happens to the fish after it is released? Are post-release responses different depending on tarpon size, environmental conditions or other factors? Learn more about the research exploring these questions.

Tarpon Genetics
The Tarpon Genetics Recapture Study concluded in 2015. It used the analysis of tarpon DNA to establish a DNA "fingerprint" of tarpon in Florida. DNA samples were collected and submitted by volunteers eager to protect the silver kings through better understanding of tarpon biology. Check out the archived newsletters for additional details.