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Dr. Paul Larson

Curator of Collections

Paul has been with FWRI as curator since 2016. His research background is in evolution, taxonomy, and systematics of sea anemones.


Laura Wiggins

Marine Invertebrate Collection Manager

Laura has been with FWRI since 2005 and has served as the Invertebrate Collection Manager since 2011. Her research is in Conservation Biology through Digitization of the collection and taxonomy.


Eric Post

Ichthyology Collection Manager

Eric started as ichthyology collection manager in September, 2016. He graduated Oregon State University with a degree in Fish and Wildlife Science. His interests are in fish taxonomy, systematics, and phylogenetics and in building and maintaining specimen collections.


Janessa Fletcher

SEAMAP Collection Manager

Janessa has been at FWRI since 2002 and was appointed as a collection manager in 2016. Her research background is in the taxonomy and ecology of echinoderms, molluscs, and fish.