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Negaprion brevirostris


An abundant, inshore tropical shark that inhabits both estuarine and nearshore waters of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of Florida. Commonly enters estuarine waters and often ventures into freshwater areas, but does not penetrate as far up rivers as the Bull shark. Migrates southward and into deeper waters in the winter months.

Feeds on a variety of bony fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, rays, small sharks, and occasionally on sea birds.

Gives birth to live young. Litters contain 4-17 pups. Size at birth about 2 feet. Utilizes shallow bays and coastal lagoons as nursery areas.

Maximum size about 10.5 feet. Matures at approximately 11-12 years of age (about 8 feet) and is estimated to live 27+ years.

Human factors
Constitutes only a small portion of the commercial shark fishery. Does well in captivity, with young individuals being favorite subjects for physiological and behavioral studies. Has been involved in only a few attacks on humans.