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Groupers, members of one of the largest families of fishes found in Florida waters, run the gamut of sizes and shapes, from the diminutive graysby weighing several pounds to the mammoth goliath grouper that can top the scales at 600 pounds or more.

This publication discusses nine grouper species that are found in Florida, and includes information on appearance and size. Also discussed is grouper life history and economic and management considerations.

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Pompano & Permit

These fast-swimming coastal fishes are a challenge to catch and, as a result, are coveted by Florida recreational anglers; the pompano has the added enticement of being a popular dinner entree. The two species are remarkably similar in appearance but very different in size as adults.

This publication discusses pompano and permit and includes information on appearance, range and habitat, life history, and current research efforts. Also included is a handy table to help aid in telling these two species apart.

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