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Monroe County Mutton and Gray Snapper

Be on the lookout in the Florida Keys for tagged snappers. If you catch one, report it to fisheries biologists and receive a reward!

Artwork of a grey snapper and mutton snapper, showing the location of a black cylinder tag in the belly of the fish.


If you catch a tagged snapper:

  • Record the date, location, depth, and total length of fish captured.
  • If you are releasing the fish, please do not remove the external tag.
  • If you are harvesting the fish, when filleting the fish look for a black acoustic tag located inside the belly.
  • Report all captured fish to Florida Keys Finfish Biologists:


  • All reports will receive a t-shirt reward.
  • Return the internal acoustic tag or donate the carcass and get a $100 gift card.
  • Rewards listed on this page are only for fish caught in Monroe County

Please observe all fishing regulations and licensing requirements.

For more information on our research, please visit our Western Dry Rocks Research page.