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USFWS Tag Report

horseshoe crabs with external tag

Have you seen a horseshoe crab with a circular tag on its carapace? 

  1. Snap a picture of the tag or record the tag # (number is on the bottom of the tag, shown in the photo on the right).
  2. Note the date, location, and general condition of the crab (alive or dead)
  3. Report the data at the following link:
    or by calling 1-888-546-8587 (1-888-LIMULUS)


DO NOT remove the tag. When recording the tag #, try to limit disturbance to the crab (try not to pick it up and if you must pick it up, NEVER pick it up by the tail).

Data goes into a national database maintained by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and contributes to knowledge about horseshoe crab movements and population numbers.