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Charles Tilney

Charles Tilney

Associate Research Scientist

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration – Harmful Algal Blooms

B.S. Marine Biology & Oceanography, University of Plymouth, UK
M.Res. Ocean Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
Ph.D. Marine Biosciences, University of Delaware, USA

Research Interests
Phytoplankton physiology and ecology (especially of dinoflagellates), harmful algal bloom dynamics (especially related to diel vertical migration and interspecific interactions).

Current Activity
I’m currently working on developing molecular assays (t-RFLP, qPCR) for the detection of potentially harmful pico- and nano-phyoplankton, with the goal of incorporating these new methods into existing monitoring efforts. I’m interested in evaluating the physiological and ecological drivers of Karenia brevis growth in nature, using comprehensive lab and field studies that combine traditional and molecular techniques.