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Noel Takeuchi

girl on dock

Noel Takeuchi

Biological Scientist III

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration – Harmful Algal Blooms

B.S. Animal Science, University of California, Davis
M.S. Marine Science, University of New England
Ph.D. Veterinary Medical Sciences, University of Florida

Research Interests
Physiological effects of environmental toxins and contaminants in aquatic species, reproductive physiology, molecular biology

Current Activity
I am currently involved in brevetoxin monitoring in shellfish and other aquatic species. One of my main objectives is to validate alternative methodologies for regulatory NSP (Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning) testing. 

My dissertation encompassed trace metal analysis in the West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus). I evaluated trace metal exposure and the physiological control of metal levels, with the development of a baseline metal concentration, cloning and sequencing of metallothionein in Paenungulata species, and examination of carbonic anhydrase in the Florida manatee. I continued my research at the University of Queensland’s National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology in Brisbane, Australia.

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