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Matt Garrett

man on boat

Matt Garrett

Associate Research Scientist

Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration – Harmful Algal Blooms

B.S. Marine Science, Eckerd College
M.Sc. University of South Florida

Research Interests
Biological Oceanography, phytoplankton ecology, vertical migratory behavior, harmful algae

Current Activity
I oversee the Harmful Algal Bloom Research subsection’s field program, including coordinating focused field efforts for our program’s routine red tide monitoring, as well as during HAB event responses. I am also currently working on new methodologies and technologies in the lab and field to help support and enhance the HAB group’s ability to track and monitor red tides.

My graduate work focused on designing and implementing a series of experiments focused on the vertical migration behavior of Karenia brevis, specifically how various chemical and physical conditions of the water column can affect the natural behavior.

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