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Picture of Yida Gao

Assistant Research Scientist

Ph.D., Marine Science, University of Texas at Austin, 2014-2020
B.S., Marine Science, Xiamen University, China, 2010-2014

Research Interests
Algal stress responses, bloom decline mechanisms, molecular quantitative methods for species identification, Imaging Flow Cytobot (IFCB), community sequencing analysis, meta-genomic analysis, grazing effects

Current Activities

  1. Develop and apply new molecular quantitative methods for accurate identification and enumeration of toxic micro-organisms (e.g. Karenia brevis & cysts and nano-cyanobacteria species) from environmental samples.
  2. Conduct eco-physiological experiments on K. brevis to understand their stress responses (e.g. programmed cell death) to dynamic marine environment.
  3. Develop and apply IFCB for capturing various Karenia brevis bloom stages, spatial coverage, diel behavior, life history, and changes in cell morphology from environmental stresses.
  4. Conduct bacterial community analysis based on high-throughput sequencing technique to understand their spatiotemporal change in the Indian Lagoon, FL.
  5. Conduct in-situ grazing experiment on K. brevis with quantitative-PCR to gain insights into the top-down control on bloom development.
  6. Develop methods for extracting and quantifying DNA/RNA of K. brevis from marine sediment.
  7. Maintain the algal culture collections for FWRI and collaborators.

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