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Manatee Research Internships

The Marine Mammal Subsection offers a variety of manatee internships including positions that work on photo identification and GIS projects in St. Petersburg, as well as positions that assist field stations with manatee rescue, carcass salvage, and research in other areas around the state.

Field Station Internships

Interns will assist with manatee rescue, carcass salvage, and research in specific areas of the state.

Manatee in water

St. Petersburg Internships

Manatee GIS Research Intern
Interns' primary responsibilities are assisting with various GIS-related tasks related to ongoing projects by FWRI scientists in their research on manatee ecology and behavior.

Manatee Photo-identification Internships
FWRI's manatee photo-identification research focuses on the long-term monitoring of Florida manatees in southwest Florida. The primary goal of our program is to document individual manatees.