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A girl with long brown hair wearing an orange shirt is smiling at the camera.

BA Ecology and Conservation Biology
MS Biology
PhD Comparative and Experimental Medicine

Research Interests
Using tools from veterinary diagnostics to aid in field-based wildlife conservation projects. Main research focuses on ecological factor and infectious or toxic agents associated with morbidity and mortality events of wild herpetofaunal, avian, and aquatic species.

Current Activity
Surveillance of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in wild birds. Surveillance of Turtle Frasiervirus and Ranavirus in wild freshwater turtle species, Infectious disease monitoring in gopher tortoise populations, Investigation of physiological and microbiological factors associated with septic arthritis in black skimmer chicks, histological and hematological evaluation of sick and healthy free ranging reptiles. Field response and investigation in select morbidity and mortality events of avian and herpetological species throughout Florida.

Rebecca Hardman CV


  • University of Tennessee, Depart of Forestry Wildlife and Fisheries: Adjunct Professor
  • Western Carolina University, Department of Biology: Adjunct Professor
  • Wildlife Disease Association, Wildlife Veterinary Section: Chair