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Florida Fishing Pier Finder

Screenshot of the Florida Fishing Pier Finder map

The new Florida Fishing Pier Finder is an interactive map tool that allows anglers to find publicly accessible fishing piers, jetties, fishing-specific bridges and fishing fingers around the state. It is a detailed map and is best viewed using computers or tablets with larger screens.

You can view the map and use the filter features to search for a location by county, feature name, city, and type of feature such as a bridge or pier. You can also sort by whether a fishing license is provided by the owners of the pier. You can see a list of all the fishing locations that are shown on the map, and as you filter down, the list will get shorter and shorter until you find specific locations for your particular area that you can choose from. Click “empty” to clear the search filters for each parameter. You can also view the map as a street map or use an aerial view.

Sport Fish Restoration program logo

The Florida Fishing Pier Finder was created through funding from the Sport Fish Restoration program. This federal program collects taxes from purchases of fishing equipment and motorboat fuel to fund projects that provide better fishing opportunities. So give the new Florida Fishing Pier Finder a try and make some fishing memories on the water.