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Unified Florida Reef Map

map of Florida

The Unified Reef Map provides a seamless view of benthic habitats throughout Florida's Reef Tract from the Dry Tortugas, through the Florida Keys, up the Atlantic Coast to Martin County. A single, unified map of the Florida Reef Tract is an important tool for promoting a reef-wide approach to protect Florida’s reefs. Researchers and managers use this map to identify critical coral reef habitats, monitor changes in sensitive areas over time, and prioritize sites for restoration. The Unified Reef Map was created by integrating individual maps and monitoring data provided by a network of partners including counties, state and federal agencies, and universities. 

For additional information about how the Unified Reef Map was created see the Unified Reef Map User Guide.

The Unified Reef Map is available online via the Unified Reef Map Viewer. The Map Viewer also shows monitoring site locations, parks, conservation areas, and regulatory boundaries. 

Explore the Unified Reef Map Viewer

The Unified Reef Map was made possible through the contribution of data and expertise from several partners: NOAA's Office for Coastal Management, FDEP's Coastal Management Program, Nova Southeastern University, U.S. National Park Service, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Palm Beach County, Martin County, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Monroe County.

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