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Cooperative Land Cover, Version 3.3 - published September 2018

The Florida Cooperative Land Cover Map (CLC) is a partnership between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) to develop ecologically-based statewide land cover from existing sources and expert review of aerial photography. The CLC is primarily funded by the Florida’s State Wildlife Grants program in support of The Florida State Wildlife Action Plan which identified improved habitat mapping as a priority data gap.

Beginning with the release of CLC v3.0, the Cooperative Land Cover Map will be revised continuously, with new versions being released every 6 – 12 months. FWC will now take lead on updating and maintaining the Cooperative Land Cover map. FNAI will continue to provide guidance for the classification of natural communities, and site specific data sources based on their mapping and revision efforts. The CLC follows the Florida Land Cover Classification System.

Learn more about the Florida Land Cover Classification System.

GIS Data Download:

Zipped Polygons (~800 MB)  | Polygon Metadata |
Zipped Raster (~375 MB)  | Raster Site Metadata | Raster State Metadata |

The statewide Cooperative Land Cover Map, Version 3.3 is available either as a 10.0 File Geodatabase Feature Class or 10m Raster Dataset. Note that the feature class download may be slow due to its large size.

Major updates from version 3.2 to 3.3

  • Overall revisions to classes were conducted to correct for boundary errors, mislabeled classes, and hard edges between classes.
  • The addition of updated data for 30 FWC managed or co-managed lands, 9 State Forests, 1 Florida Park Service land, 2 Florida Forever proposals, 3 Hillsboro County managed or comanaged lands, and select sites from NWFMD. This data is from 2016 – 2018 mapping efforts.
  • Class specific revisions include: Prairie Mesic Hammock (1122) to Prairie Hydric Hammock (22322) in the Everglades. All SITE level Tree Plantations (18333) were reclassified to Coniferous Plantations (183332). The addition of FWC Oyster Bar (5230) features. 18331x agricultural classes underwent a thorough review and reclassification where appropriate.
  • CLC v3.3 utilizes the updated The Florida Land Cover Classification System (2018), altering the following class names and numbers: Irrigated Row Crops (1833111), Wet Coniferous Plantations (1833321) (formerly 2450), Major Springs (4131) (formerly 3118). Mixed Hardwood-Coniferous Swamps (2240) (formerly Other Wetland Forested Mixed).

Feedback from users of the data is welcome, and users are encouraged to report data errors to