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MarineQuest 2021 Virtual Event

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Thank you for joining us for our MarineQuest 2021 Virtual Event on Thursday, October 14, 2021. Below is a link to the full event livestream as well as links to individual videos that premiered during the livestream event.



View the full livestream event on YouTube.

During the day we visited live with three of our research programs for a look into their research and a Q&A session. If you would like to watch these sessions they can be found in the livestream recording beginning at the following timecodes:

Live! from the Marine Fisheries Age and Growth of Fish Lab
Begins at 28:12

Fish have ears?! In this session, learn how and why fisheries scientists use ear bones to age fish. Staff will discuss the science of sectioning otoliths and ageing fish, with a focus on why the Marine Fisheries Age and Growth Lab is an integral component of fishery conservation and management.

Live! with the Manatee Research and Rescue Program
Begins at 2:38:31

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a manatee rescue? What happens after the manatee is captured, and how is it decided that a manatee will be released after rehabilitation? Get ready to see what it takes to be a manatee biologist! In this session, we will speak to manatee rescue team members around the state about the three R’s: Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release. After, you will have an opportunity to ask manatee rescue team members questions about manatees, rescues, and what you can do to help!

Live! from the Red Tide Research Lab
Begins at 4:27:55

Learn how FWRI researchers take water samples from a boat and from a pier, what we do to analyze the sample for cell counts of Karenia brevis, the red tide organism, and how you can find information about red tide.

Field Features

MQ2021 Field Feature: Cowboy
Travel into the woods in central Florida, as we join wildlife researchers Kendyl and Lisa, and Cowboy, the scat-sniffing dog, on their search for elusive skunks and weasels in central Florida.

MQ2021 Field Feature: Fisheries-Independent Monitoring
Hop on a research vessel as we travel out into Tampa Bay to learn about our fisheries-independent monitoring program. Join Brittany, Eric, and Alex as they share information about the different gear and techniques used to sample and monitor Florida's fisheries.

MQ2021 Field Feature: Sandhill Cranes
Join avian biologists Tim, Miranda and Ron in the field while they radio tag and color band Florida Sandhill cranes in effort to learn how these birds are using suburban areas and conservation lands and where young birds go when they leave the nest.

Science Snippets

Join FWRI scientists as they turn the camera on themselves to share research insights and interesting science facts.