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Celebrating 75 Years of Florida's WMAs

One purchase of land in 1941 has grown into an over 6 million acre system of conserved habitat across Florida. Wildlife Management Areas protect some of Florida’s most iconic, and threatened, wildlife species. At the same time, they contribute unparalleled hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.

In 2017, FWC held public events and activities throughout the year that celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Wildlife Management Area System and its significant role and achievements in conserving our fish and wildlife.

WMA 75th Anniversary Video

A look back at events that took place throughout 2017 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Florida's Wildlife Management Areas!

WMA 75th Anniversary Photo Contest Finalists

As part of the celebration, FWC held a photo contest. Click through this slideshow to see the amazing pictures taken by the contest's finalists.