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Camp Blanding Wildlife Management Area

Camp Blanding

Managed in cooperation with the Florida Department of Military Affairs.

Camp Blanding WMA contains 56,197 acres and is located in western Clay County, east of Starke. The northern half of the area is planted pine plantations with remnant mature pines that support red-cockaded woodpeckers. Bottomland hardwood forests occur along the headwaters of Black Creek. The southern half of the area includes several thousand acres of sandhills, with plentiful white-tailed deer and turkey. A center section is always closed because of military operations, and at times the entire wildlife management area is closed due to security concerns. When the area is open, hunting, wildlife viewing, and hiking are allowed. Contact FWC's Lake City Regional Office at (386) 758-0525 for current status of the area.

Add your bird observations to the Camp Blanding WMA eBird Hotspot.

Rules Regarding Dogs

  • For purposes other than hunting, dogs are prohibited.
  • Hunters may access the dog hunt area only through FWC check station 3. Hunting dogs may be taken into the area one hour before sunrise and shall be removed each day of the hunting season by one hour after sunset. Hunting deer or wild hog with dogs is allowed only in the dog hunt area. Bird dogs are allowed in still hunt areas 1 and 2 beginning December 7. Dogs are prohibited in areas posted as "Closed to Public Access" by FWC administrative action. No person shall allow any dog to pursue or molest any wildlife during any period in which the taking of wildlife by the use of dogs is prohibited. Dogs on leashes may be used for trailing wounded game.

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