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Blackwater WMA - Hutton Unit

Blackwater WMA - Hutton Unit

Blackwater Hutton unit

The Hutton Unit encompasses more than 7,600 acres north of Highway 90, five miles east of Milton. Indian Ford Road forms the northern boundary of the unit, which consists of open pinelands interspersed with mature forests. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission manages this unit of the Blackwater State Forest to improve the habitat for northern bobwhite, as well as white-tailed deer, wild turkey and non-game species. Fishing and paddling opportunities are available along the Blackwater River and hiking, bicycling and wildlife viewing are permitted on the area. The Florida National Scenic Trail winds through the Hutton Unit and is open to hikers throughout the year.  Bachman's sparrow, brown-headed nuthatch, Eastern bluebird, red-tailed hawk and red-headed woodpecker are a few of the bird species found in the Hutton Unit, which is a part of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail. Check the regulations summary brochure for vehicle access information. Camping is permitted at designated campsites. Call the Florida Forest Service at (850) 957-6140 for campsite locations and fee information.

More Information

  • View FWC's regulations summary brochure for Blackwater Hutton Unit for an area map, hunting seasons, permits, fees, rules regarding dogs and area regulations.