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Recreational and commercial spiny lobster season opens Aug. 6

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Florida Keys Lobster Info:

Learn more about bag limits, size limits, where you can harvest, and other regulations at by clicking on “Recreational Regulations” and “Lobster,” which is under the “Crabs, Lobster and other Shellfish” tab. Get your recreational license and spiny lobster permit at

Looking to keep up to date on Florida’s saltwater fishing regulations? Find them on the Fish Rules app. Learn more at or follow Fish Rules at or

Safety is of the utmost importance. Use caution when diving and when boating around other divers. Always use a divers-down warning device when in the water. More information on divers-down warning devices is available online at by clicking on “Boating Regulations.”

Don’t forget to use care around corals and other marine life as well. You can visit to join the FL Coral Crew and learn more about coral-safe diving practices and how you can help.

If bully netting this season, please keep lights directed toward the water and avoid shining them at houses or people along the shoreline. Please also be considerate of others by keeping sound levels low when near shoreline residences.