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Deer Depredation

Deer Depredation Permit

Depredating Deer Permits authorize the lethal take of deer causing damage to crops, where less lethal means of control are either ineffective or not feasible.

NOTE: These permits are only issued to landowners or authorized lessees of property with agricultural rights. The landowner or lessee should seek more long-range means of eliminating depredation in the future. This could be accomplished through building deer-proof fencing in certain cases, the extended use of deer repellents, or by allowing either-sex hunting during the established deer hunting season. Antlerless deer tags may be issued through the Antlerless Deer Permit Program for use during establish deer seasons to help manage depredation issues on properties experiencing depredation.

First time applicants must contact the Wildlife Assistance Biologist at their local FWC Regional Office prior to applying for this permit.

What this permit allows:

  1. Authorizes the killing of deer that are causing damage to agricultural crops.
  2. Permittees may take deer with rifles of .223 caliber or larger, shotguns using slugs or buckshot, or with the use bows/crossbows.
  3. Taking of deer either during daylight hours or with the aid of a light at night.
  4. Deer taken under this permit may be removed and possessed off the permitted property, except carcass parts prohibited by the permit (see below), provided the deer is tagged with a valid depredating deer tag issued by the Commission. The carcass of such a deer, minus head and antlers, may be processed for personal use.


What this permit does NOT allow:

  1. The discharge of firearms in areas not allowed by state law or court injunctions/orders.
  2. The possession of firearms by individuals not allowed by state law or court injunctions/orders.
  3. The possession or mounting of antlers and/or cape from any antlered deer taken under this permit. The antlers and head must be left at the depredation site.
  4. A fee to be charged to anyone to participate in the permitted activities.
  5. The sale of any wildlife or parts of wildlife taken under this permit.
  6. The taking of deer:
    1. not listed on the permit,
    2. not on the property listed on the permit,
    3. away from the immediate area where the damage to crops and/or livestock is taking place or
    4. outside of the specified dates on permit


Information you must have available to apply for this permit:

  1. Name, date of birth, address and contact telephone number of the permit holder and landowner.
  2. Property or tract name, and county.
  3. Location description using the Public Land Survey System (Section-Township-Range).
  4. Description of crop type and anticipated harvest date.
  5. Detailed description of damage occurring.
  6. E-mail address:  To receive notification of application status, the applicant will need to supply an e-mail address. If an e-mail address is not provided, the applicant may return to the application Web site periodically to determine if the permit was approved. If approved, the permit holder may print the permit to kill depredating deer, but the deer may not be removed from the property until the tags have been received from the local FWC Regional Office.
  7. A printer and latest version of Adobe Reader


How to apply for this permit:

  1. If you are a first time applicant, you must contact the local FWC Regional Office prior to applying for this permit.
  2. Click on the "Apply for Deer Depredation Permit" button below. This will take you to a login screen.
  3. If you have previously applied online for an FWC special permit (AMP, SUV, etc.), enter your username and password, or other identifying information.  If you have not applied online for an FWC special permit before, click on "Register Here" and enter the requested information to create a user account.
  4. Complete the account profile and choose “Save and Continue” at the bottom to proceed.
  5. Click the “Apply for New Permit” link.
  6. If you are Renewing a permit, click on the “Renew” button and continue.
  7. Complete each page providing the necessary information.
  8. Once the application has been reviewed and submitted, your local FWC Regional Office will review for approval. 
  9. If an email was supplied, you will receive notifications regarding your permit application status as is applicable.
  10. If the Regional Office requires additional information prior to approval, you will receive an email detailing the information required.
  11. If an email was not supplied in your profile, please log into the application site (by clicking the link below) and you may see the status update from here.
  12. Once approved, you may log into the application site and click on “View Document” to print the permit.  Your tags and a copy of the permit will be mailed by your local regional office.
  13. Read and sign the permit document when received.