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Permit Returns and Reissues

About returned permits:

If hunters are unable to use a quota or waterfowl permit for any reason, it can be returned electronically to the FWC through the GoOutdoorsFlorida recreational licensing system to be reissued to another hunter. 

When can a permit be returned?

The return option is available at the same time the phase III leftovers open for any given permit type, and returns can be made up to 10 days before the hunt begins.  No permits will be accepted electronically or by any other means within 10 days of the start date of the hunt because there is no longer time to have it reissued to another hunter.

How to return a quota permit:

When a leftover phase opens, the return option will be available on each hunter's customer account at  In the "Awarded Permits" section, any permits eligible to be returned will have a blue "Return" option.  Click the link and follow the steps to confirm the return.  Returns cannot be undone.

Once a permit is returned, any associated preference points will also be immediately updated.  Quota permits obtained in phase I that are returned will have preference reinstated plus one additional point.  Waterfowl permits do not have associated preference points.

When will reissue applications periods open for returned permits?

Weekly reissue applications are available for hunters between noon Eastern on Saturdays through noon Eastern on Tuesdays. The first reissue application period for each hunt type will begin the Saturday after the Phase III Leftovers phase begins.

Helpful hints:

  • While returned permits show in real time under permit availability, when the permit is returned will dictate when it will be available for reissue.  All permits returned each Saturday through Friday are available in the immediate next weekly reissue application period.  If a return is made on a Friday, it will be available in the next day's reissue period.  If a return is made on a Saturday, it will be available in the following weekend’s weekly reissue period.  An "available for reissue" column displays permits currently available for reissue, while an additional "available for next reissue" displays the next reissue period availability.  
  • FWC law enforcement and field staff receive updated reports for public hunting opportunities regularly.  Once a permit is returned, all previous copies should be discarded as the hunter is no longer allowed to attend the hunt.