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Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit

A Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit is a type of limited entry permit that is required in order to participate in outdoor recreational activities on the Gulf Hammock Wildlife Management Area.  Except for hunting, permit holders and their spouses or dependent children may participate in other activities on Gulf Hammock WMA. The spouse and dependent children must be in the company of the permit holder. Only permit holders and one dependent child under the age of 16 may hunt. Gulf Hammock recreational use permits include a Management Area Permit.

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Gulf Hammock Application Worksheet 

Cost:  $0.00 to apply, $610.00 per permit. 

Exemptions:  There are no exemptions for this permit type. 

Group Applications:  Group applications are not allowed for this permit type. 

Preference Points: There are no preference points for this permit type. 

Transferability: Gulf Hammock recreational use permits are not transferable. 

Renewals:  A Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit can be renewed annually for two additional years. If eligible to renew, the permit must be purchased during the renewal period. If not claimed by the renewal deadline, it will be offered for sale in subsequent application phases.  

How to Apply:  Applicants can apply online at (sign on and choose “Apply for Limited Entry/Quota Permit”) or by completing an Application Worksheet and presenting it to any license agent or tax collector's office. Phase I applications will be generated automatically for those who are eligible for renewal. Each applicant may make one choice on an application in Phase II Leftovers.

Application and Permit Issuance:  Applicants eligible for renewal must purchase their permit by the claim deadline. Permits not purchased by the claim deadline will be forfeited and offered in Phase II Leftovers. Applicants may submit one application and receive up to one permit in Phase II Leftovers. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis in Phase II Leftovers. Applicants may only be awarded one Gulf Hammock Recreational Use Permit per season.

How to Get Your Permit: Those eligible for renewal and successful applicants may purchase and print their permit online at or at a license agent or tax collector’s office. Applicants who purchased online and have a valid email address will have a copy of their permit emailed to them. Permits may also be downloaded and stored on the Fish|Hunt Florida mobile app.

Guest Permits: Guest permits are not available for this permit type. 

Reprints: Customers can reprint their permit at no cost from their customer account at Permits may also be reprinted at a license agent or tax collector’s office for a fee.

Returned Permits: These permits cannot be returned.