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Persons With Disabilities Crossbow Permit

Persons With Disabilities Crossbow and Airbow Permit

Permits to use crossbows and airbows during an archery season are available to applicants who submit an original certificate from a licensed physician certifying that the individual is permanently incapable of drawing any type of bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. 

Replacements:  Lost your permit?  Follow the link at the bottom of this page to access and print your replacement permit. 

What this certification allows:

  • The permit holder to use a crossbow during an archery season on public land.

What this certification does NOT allow:

Requirements and conditions:

  1. Completion of the FWC Physician Certification Form (accessible to print during the online application process) with a statement by a licensed physician that the applicant is permanently incapable of drawing any type of bow with a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds.  Applicants with temporary disabilities are not eligible for the Persons with Disabilities Crossbow Permit.
  2. This permit must be in the physical possession of the holder when participating in the permitted activity and must be presented to any law enforcement officer, FWC personnel, Forest Service personnel or other law enforcement personnel upon request.

Information to have available to apply for this permit:

  1. Contact and identification information, including a day-time telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours.
  2. A valid email address to provide in order to receive notification of application approval or denial.  If an e-mail address is not provided, the applicant may return to the application site periodically to determine if the permit was approved and to then print the certification.
  3. Adobe Reader and a printer.

How to apply for this permit (User Guide):

  1. Click on the "Apply for Persons with Disabilities Crossbow Permit (CB) Now" button below to access the login screen.
  2. If you have previously applied online for an FWC special permit or certification (AMP, SUV, etc.), enter your username and password, or other identifying information.  If you have not applied online for an FWC special permit before, click on "Register Here" and enter the requested information to create an account and continue.
  3. Click the “Apply for New Permit” link.
  4. Complete the form and choose “Save and Continue” to proceed. 
  5. Print the required Physician Certification Form (and a Cover Sheet if planning to return the completed form by fax or mail).
  6. Have your doctor complete and sign the Physician Certification Form. 
  7. Scan and upload the completed Physician Certification Form within your account, or fax/mail it with the provided cover sheet.
  8. Your completed application will be reviewed by FWC staff, who will send an email message with notification of approval or denial of the application.  If you do not supply an email, you will need to check your status in your account.
  9. Once approved, login at the link below to access the permit.
  10. Print, read and sign the certification document.

Permit holders must reapply every five years by resubmitting an application form, but the physician certification verifying permanent disability does not need to be resubmitted.  Permit holders who have not renewed within three years of the expiration date will be purged from the system and must submit both the application and physician's certification form.

Apply for a Persons with Disabilities Crossbow Permit (CB) Now 

If you have general questions, need help renewing your permit or check the status of your application call 855-779-5907. 

If you need an ADA accommodation to complete this application call 850-488-6411.