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Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days

To show appreciation for our men and women in uniform, the FWC offers a special weekend for veterans and active-duty service members to hunt waterfowl in Florida. This opportunity occurs Feb. 1-2, 2025, when waterfowl hunting is closed to the general public.

Where to Hunt

Waterfowl hunting is permitted on private property with landowner permission and on any water body that has public access (public boat landing/launch). However, some public water bodies may be closed for specific reasons, such as being in a park or in an area where the discharge of firearms is prohibited. 

Many wildlife management areas that allow migratory game bird hunting are available for those who wish to participate in the Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Hunting Days. Some of these areas require an Active Military and Veteran Waterfowl Quota Permit in addition to the other license and permit requirements.

Regulations Information

Only veterans and members of the Armed Forces on active duty, including members of the National Guard and Reserves, may hunt ducks, geese, mergansers, coots and common gallinules (moorhens).

Veterans and active military may be accompanied by a person who is not a veteran or active-duty service member, however, the person accompanying the hunter may not harvest or attempt to harvest waterfowl. If non-veteran/non-active military guests plan to accompany hunt participants to assist with activities such as setting out decoys, calling, and retrieving harvested birds, they must have a hunting license and required permits (unless exempt).

Bag and possession limits for each species are the same as the regular season. All shotguns must be plugged to a 3-shell capacity, and only nontoxic (steel, iron, bismuth-tin, tungsten-alloy) shot maybe be used or in your possession.

Hunters are required to have a hunting license, migratory bird permit, Florida Waterfowl permit and Federal Duck Stamp to participate during this special weekend, unless exempt from license and permit requirements. You can buy your license and permits at

In addition, wildlife management areas, water management district lands and national wildlife refuges that offer duck hunting may have special permit requirements and restrictions on when and where you can hunt. It’s important to carefully review the WMA regulations brochure for the area you want to hunt for information about license and permit requirements, bag limits and other rules.

WMAs Available for Hunting During Veterans and Active Military Waterfowl Days