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Other Wildlife Regulations

No wildlife or their nests, eggs, young, homes or dens shall be taken, transported, stored, served, bought, sold or possessed in any manner at any time, except as specifically permitted by Title 68A, F.A.C. No one shall take, poison, store, buy, sell, possess or wantonly or willfully waste wildlife, unless specifically permitted or authorized to do so.

■ The use of gasoline or any other chemical or gaseous substances to drive wildlife from their retreats is prohibited.

■ It is prohibited to take or assist in taking wildlife by the remote control aiming and discharge of a gun when that person is not physically present with that gun.

See title 68 and 68A, F.A.C. at for more information.

See rules 68A-26.002 and 68A-27.003, F.A.C. at for information.

State and federal laws protect birds. Birds (or their parts, nests or eggs) may not be taken, possessed, imported, exported, transported, sold, purchased, bartered, or offered for sale, purchase or barter, except as permitted by State and Federal regulations. See title 68A, F.A.C. at and 50 C.F.R at for more information.

House sparrows, common starlings, African and Eurasian collared-doves, common pigeon (rock dove), Egyptian goose, armadillos, Norway and black rats, and house mice may be taken throughout the year. See Rule 68A-1.004 at for more information.


Fox squirrels, Key deer and Florida panthers may not be taken or pursued. See Rules 68A-29.002 and 68A-27.003, F.A.C. at for information.

Reptiles (alligators, caimans, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes)

See Rules 68A-25.002 and 68A-27.003, F.A.C. at for information.