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Released Quail

Background Information

Northern bobwhite may be released and taken by shotgun only on the following areas and dates, provided each individual or group possesses a daily released quail permit and proof (including the name and address of the vendor and date of purchase) that the birds were purchased within the past 90 days from a game farm licensed by the Commission or another state. 

How do I get my permit?

Daily quail release permits are available free of charge at Once logged in, click on the "Purchase a License" link to find the permit under the "Hunting Permits" section. Please note that the permit will only show up if you already possess, or placed in your shopping cart, a hunting license.  


Be sure to only choose dates that are listed below when obtaining your permit.

Area-specific restrictions may apply. Refer to area brochures for details.

Quail Hunting Dates by Area

Area 2018-2019 Dates
Apalachicola River WEA

Nov. 10 - March 3

Aucilla WMA

Dec. 31 - March 3

Caravelle Ranch WMA

Nov. 22 - Jan 6 (Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sunday only)

Dinner Island WMA

Nov. 10 - Feb. 17

Hilochee WMA

Jan. 4 - Jan. 20

J.W. Corbett WMA

Jan. 2 - Feb. 17

L. Kirk Edwards WEA

(West of Chaires Cross Rd) Nov. 10 - March 3 

(East of Charies Cross Rd) Nov. 10-21, 26-28, Dec. 3-12, and Dec. 17 - March 3

Lower Econfina River WMA

Nov. 12 - March 3

Salt Lake WMA

Dec. 7-9, 14-16

Jan. 4-6, 11-13, 25-27

Feb. 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 22-24

Watermelon Pond WMA

Nov. 17 - Dec. 2

Dec. 15 - Jan. 6

Want to know how many released quail permits and number of people hunting under those permits have been issued for a particular date?  See our recreational license report to find out.