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Additional Links

  • 4-H– The National 4-H Shooting Sports Program teaches youth marksmanship, safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles of hunting and archery, and more.
  • Greenwings – Ducks Unlimited program offering youth the opportunity to learn about wetland conservation and the outdoor world around them.
  • JAKES – National Wild Turkey Federation program that informs, educates and involves youth in wildlife conservation and the wise stewardship of our natural resources.
  • Rack Pack – Quality Deer Management Association grassroots in-person youth program with youth-led online community intended to create and enrich future hunters and leaders in conservation.
  • Quail Forever – Collection of programs introducing youngsters and their families to the outdoors and upland conservation.
  • Boy and Girl Scouts of America –Values-based youth development organizations dedicated to building character and training youth in the responsibilities of participating citizenship and developing personal fitness.
  • Trailblazer Adventure Program – Sportsmen’s Alliance introduces youth to the outdoors whereby seasoned sportsmen and wildlife professionals provide hands-on firearm safety lessons, fishing and archery instruction, trapping demonstrations and more.
  • Archery360 –the Archery Trade Association gives those new to the sport of archery a central location to find the resources and tools on how to shoot and where to get started.
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation – Getting the right introduction to hunting is important. Here are a few tips on getting started and also some valuable resources for new and experienced hunters alike.
  • The Future of Hunting in Florida – Nonprofit organization that hosts annual youth and Wounded Warrior hunts while teaching the benefits of hunting and promoting good ethics, sportsmanship, safety and conservation.